May 21, 2022

Google starts Two-factor Authentication to verify Nest users

According to the latest announcement from Google, the company is increasing security measures for its Nest accounts. Two-factor authentication is all set to make its debut on the Nest platform. From spring, all the Nest users who did not join the two-factor authentication must verify themselves and their id will be used to identify users. When there is a new login from the users’ end they must enter the code that the will receive an email to confirm the identity of the user trying to log in to the account.

A six-digit verification code will be sent and if the user doesn’t enter the code, access to the account will be denied. Along with the two-factor authentication, the search giant also added a reCaptcha Enterprise to its Nest accounts.

The new security measure will prevent automated attacks and defend themselves.  The measures were already a part of Google email, but now it is active for every Nest account. The measures are automatically enabled and it cannot be turned off. Last year, Google added a feature that will provide email notification while someone logs into the Nest account. The company is trying to reduce the possibility of an unauthorized accessing of accounts.

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