May 28, 2022

e-learning with Google Meet

Technology is amazing, who knew we might use e-learning in education one day.  Back in the days we had books notebooks and our imagination to solve problems and teachers teaching the concepts and lessons of different subjects with chalk and Duster. In such crucial situation of covid-19 pandemic, there was strict lockdown in the whole country.  Due to the lockdown everything was shut down such as schools, colleges, Shops, malls, cinema hall, etc.

During all such situations education system come up with the very good alternative for the traditional education system which is the e learning or online learning platform.  When the Lockdown was announced only 30% of the total syllabus was completed at maximum schools. Due to lockdown schools and colleges were shut down suddenly resulting incomplete syllabus.

It required some time and understating to introduce eLearning in schools but after proper planning and installing all the requirements for conducting online lectures many of the schools conveyed e-learning time table and asked to install the Google meet mobile application to students.

The user interface of Google made it was so easy so that all the students and teachers easily handle the mobile application without any query and doubts.

WhatsApp group is also playing an important role where lots of information like meet ID, timetable , notes can Be shared with students by their teachers.

Google meet has a very good feature like sharing the slide for screen due to which it’s easy to convey the proper concept and images to the students by the teacher.

That’s how so many school teachers are using the e-Learning platforms in lockdown and still using it.

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