May 27, 2023

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With the evolvement of technology ways of learning and teaching are changing.  Nowadays industries are developing increasingly user friendly tools for creating a positive impact on learners and trainers.  In current industrial scenario, there is a significant change and shift in the profiles of employees. Understanding the super busy life of employees learning must be short, concise, and available at the time of need. It should be accessible from anywhere and on any device as per their comfort. One of the leading companies which is moving forward this new movement is dominKnow,  which responsible for delivering innovative training solutions. dominKnow have developed online training courses and online training systems (LCMS, Online Authoring) used across almost all sectors of business and government.

In an interview with Globe Outlook, the Team of dominKnow, sheds light on the company’s cutting-edge solutions which are enriching the education sector. Considering these innovative and inspiring aspects, Globe Outlook recognizes dominKnow as one of the 10 Best eLearning Application to watch in 2020 across the globe.

Below are the highlights of the interview between dominKnow Team and Globe Outlook:

Journey and the inspiration behind the Skill-Pill : dominKnow was founded and incorporated in 1997 in Ontario as Galbraith Media Inc. The company was renamed in June 2006 as dominKnow Inc. and operates as dominKnow Learning Systems. For the last 10+ years,  dominKnow has been responsible for delivering innovative training solutions. During this time we have developed online training courses and online training systems (LCMS, Online Authoring) used across almost all sectors of business and government. The dominKnow professional services team offers a full range of services including systems development, e-learning courseware development, consulting, implementation, and product training.  

dominKnow Learning Systems is committed to staying current on all aspects of the e-learning industry. Our company is a member of The Advanced Distributed Learning Network (ADLNet), which sets the standards for the Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), and xAPI (first adopter, POC) / CMI-5 (an initiative driving the next version of SCORM and AICC).  

dominKnow Vision   : We are dedicated to designing easy-to-use and effective training solutions that enable organizations to deliver cost-efficient high-quality impactful training. To accomplish this, we continually evolve our courseware and systems development processes and approaches and our software products to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the tools and resources necessary to create successful and impactful e-learning experiences. 

dominKnow Key Strengths and Differentiators  :dominKnow’s strengths are built upon our experience, both as life-long learners and as courseware creators. Our experiences as life-long learners help ensure that our Instructional and Systems Design philosophy places the learner at the center of the online learning experience, ensuring that it is engaging and meaningful to the learner. Our experiences as courseware developers help ensure that we foster a spirit of cooperation and partnership that fuels the design process by involving the imagination and creativity of all participants in the development process. Our roots, based in the creation of high quality instructionally sound training, has helped to shape our systems development. In summary, we are a learning company that builds software and training solutions, as opposed to a software company that builds products to develop training. With this philosophical approach we have been able to successfully help hundreds of organizations plan, create and deploy highly successful training programs over the past decade. 

dominKnow Competency  :  Since our beginnings we have developed our LCMS, online authoring systems, and custom online courses for our clients, ranging from enterprise to individual authoring systems and simple information presentation courses to highly interactive, media-rich courses featuring video, software simulations, branching exercises, custom graphics and animations. These solutions have helped our clients address training needs in almost every sector. 

The executive management team brings together an excellent cross-section of senior management and experience within the eLearning and technology industries. Our team has over 150 years of experience within the eLearning and technology industries and over 50 years of management experience. Additionally the team brings together the most current knowledge and understanding in the development of high-end course development tools and content management systems. 

Our flagship product, dominKnow | ONE has been designed from the ground up to provide a collaborative cloud based solution for authoring desktop and mobile learning. Combined with our experience in this sector, dominKnow is well positioned to take advantage of the growth in the areas of cloud based solutions, social and collaborative tools, and mobile content development and delivery. 

About the Key person contributing major success of dominKnow:  Luke Hickey has been with dominKnow from the start, beginning as the lead programmer for the first version of our authoring tool (now Known as dominKnow | ONE), and eventually becoming president and CEO of the company. Although he stopped directly coding for our tools as his role changed, his intimate understanding of our tool’s history and even its lines of code helps him in guiding our ongoing software development processes and planning. 

Luke Hickey, president and CEO of the dominKnow

Like all of our senior management team, Luke is passionate about the ways technology can help organizations meet training needs and help people learn effectively. We actively share our knowledge and experience by speaking at industry conferences and even hosting our own weekly industry-focused live-cast, Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee. And we also have many close relationships with a wide range of people in different roles in the eLearning industry, keeping our ears to the ground for new and emerging issues and trends and in turn helping to shape the industry response to those issues and trends.

Prominent features of dominKnow  & Services Offers :  dominKnow | ONE is the latest version of dominKnow’s award winning authoring platform. It offers authoring teams everything they need in one place, including traditional eLearning course authoring in Claro, responsive learning content authoring in Flow and software lesson creation in Capture. Content can be published as SCORM, AICC or xAPI packages as well as website packages, so authors can create a course to help learners come up to speed on a new task and use the same content in a searchable Knowledge Base to help when learners need an on-the-job refresher. Content can also be published for print and for presentations, extending its value to instructor-led training opportunities.

dominKnow | ONE goes even further beyond traditional eLearning authoring options by being web-based, empowering teams to work together to author and review content all within a single tool as well as share content across projects for multiple audiences or learning needs. 

Authoring teams can also take advantage of dominKnow’s library of editable off-the-shelf course content created by a range of leading content experts. The off-the shelf courses can easily be modified to match any organization’s branding as well as customized to align with any organization’s own content needs and context.

The optional Convey module provides one-step publishing for both LMS and non-LMS content authored in dominKnow | ONE, as well as usage data tracking and analytics reports.

With dominKnow | ONE you have a powerful authoring tool for more than just eLearning. You are able to:

  • Create Accessible eLearning That Meets All Learners Needs
  • Collaboration & Review Tools Designed Specifically For Teams
  • Easily Manage Your eLearning Translation And Localization
  • Responsive eLearning Authoring Without Limitations
  • Optimize Building eLearning with a Learning Content Management System
  • Easily Publish & Distribute Any eLearning Content, Anywhere

From saving time – eliminating duplication and streamlining your review and feedback process to saving money – maximizing resources, dominKnow | ONE delivers immediate results for your learning& development team. This is what you need in your eLearning authoring tools.

dominKnow  _the future of Digital Learning : We’ve always leveraged the value of a cloud-based approach to eLearning authoring, and in the current pandemic this has proven more valuable than ever before as eLearning teams work from home. You could say we were 20-years ahead on that front.  

We’re also very focused on extending the value of the content authors make, and have features in our authoring tool to help content be easily re-purposed to solve multiple learning needs. So you can make a course to publish as a SCORM package in your LMS plus use the same content in a searchable knowledge base to help learners refresh their knowledge when they are back on the job and need to apply new skills or knowledge for the first time after completing the LMS-based course. We have a very unique and industry-leading ability to support this type of content multi-purpose use and re-use.

And we are working on some new ways to help organizations take that even further.

dominKnow : One of the top position in the e-learning market

dominKnow | ONE enables organizations of any size to create intelligent, adaptive and responsive learning content that can be published for usage tracking and delivery to any device, offering a natural fit to an organization’s internal knowledge capture, dissemination and measurement.  

Over the past two decades, learning systems have focused on formal learning (LMS/TMS). In the past few years organizations have started to recognize the importance of the “70-20-10” approach to understanding how people typically learn, with 70% of learning taking place on the job verses 10% through formal system like LMS/TMS systems provide. A key driver has been the growth in mobile device use and the recognition that these devices unlock the idea of informal learning, by providing just-in-time or performance-support content to solve problems while the learner is on the job. Our innovation bridges these two worlds – formal and informal learning – in a package that no other learning system can.  

Our innovations are further pushed by our commitment to open standards, such as our continued support of W3C’s HTML5 and WCAG – accessibility standard. 

dominKnow | One provides the solution to the problem all organizations face today, largely driven by mobile devices and the state of information silos within companies’ existing learning solutions and platforms. Our solution adds, complements and / or extends a company’s existing learning strategy. An elegant solution to this complex problem positions dominKnow | ONE to affect desired improvement related to ease of access, availability and discoverability of an organization’s learning content.  

The characteristics that set DominKnow apart : DominKnow is one of the longest-serving providers of authoring tools for e-learning. We first began in 1997 developing custom content and off the shelf libraries of content, and now we offer a spectrum of products including off the shelf editable content, collaborative community-based learning, and our all-in-one e- Learning authoring tool, dominKnow provides a number of unique features to the market such as multiple authoring types for traditional and responsive design, cross-platform software simulation, an adaptive authoring interface to meet the needs of different skilled team members, and so much more.

Surprisingly, another unique aspect is we use our products to create all the training content and support material for our product. You would think that would be the norm in this industry, but we are an exception. If you’re looking up information in our product guide – it was made in our tool. If you’re working through the activities in our training guides – it was made in our tool. If you’re searching for lessons on our community site – it was built upon our tool.

       Motivation to being on top : We really are passionate about using technology to help organizations meet their training needs, and that passion is probably the most important driving force here at dominKnow.

Future Developments :

The eLearning industry is funny, it seems like there’s a constant state of change as new buzzwords get invented and seemingly new ideas come along. Often, though, these are really variations on ideas that have been around in L&D for a long time.  So at dominKnow we try to keep a focus on the things that provide true value for our clients rather than chasing the latest buzzwords.

That said, when something new comes along that offers an obvious value, we definitely get involved. An example is xAPI. We recognized its potential early, as the specification was being developed, and became involved as soon as we could. So not only did we add the ability to publish to xAPI as soon as that was technically possible, we supported the growth and understating of the xAPI standard within the L&D community by participating in xAPI camps at conferences, for example. This approach lets us both share and help, but also learn from others at these same events.

Future Goals & Planning : As we observe new entrants in the crowd-sourcing, content management and curation areas of the learning ecosystem they all lack the most critical pieces to success: control or knowledge of the content and ensuring it is accessible to a learner’s time of need. As such almost every solution that could be classified as a competitor focuses on video (i.e., Axonify, Instilld, EdCast, SparkLearn etc) that is professionally created and instructionally sound but by the time it is ready for the learner it is already out of date. Timely access to information and content (informal learning) that is already natural to an organization’s training team (formal learning) is our core innovation. Our leading content creation tools (Claro, Flow and Capture) are the best and most feature-capable and collaborative authoring tools in the market.  

Clarofy competitors tend to fall into two camps:  

1) Content developed by SMES and authors that create simple how-to exercises (show the steps/sequence) with screen recording software or hosted web services. These tools all follow a software simulation or plugin to browser approach to walking people through the system (Dtango, Ancile, Walkme, Whatfix, Epilogue). They are functional tools that offer a very purpose-built output to solve one modality of training, software how-to, continuing the cycle of locking up the organization’s learning investment in yet another silo.  

2) Crowd-sourcing and video or slide show sharing systems that enable multiple co-workers to share information (e.g., Brainshark). None of these systems provide the ease of use of searching and discovering results within content nor do they offer any level of personalized learning or curation. Essentially they provide nothing that enables co-workers to easily create and share learning assets or objects with their colleagues.  

Our future platform innovation will focus on big data, AI and machine learning capabilities. Through the use of anonymized data collected during a participating clients usage period we hope to leverage a large dataset in concert with the clients feedback, to drive learning recommendations, further personalization, push-based learning and other big data activities for our Convey and Clarofy components. One of our remaining challenges is access to “real” data from a yet to be identified participating company. 

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